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One of my good friends is an extremely talented artist and she once wore a t-shirt with some amazing artwork and it looked just fab! Having asked her, I found out that she had actually hand painted the tee shirt herself! If you are an artistic person and want your tee shirts to reflect that then novelty tee shirts are a great idea. First of all if you are into painting, then the best way to create an artistic shirt for yourself is to get some fabric paints and create your own unique tee shirt. You just have to use a plain t-shirt as your canvas and let your creativity take over. You can also include several quotes and pictures about arts and also famous artists for that matter. Here are some interesting quotes that you can use for your novelty tee shirts:Humor is a widely appreciated element and has an universal appeal. Novelty tee shirts that showcase funny images or quotes are quite popular with youngsters and adults alike.

Funny t-shirts are a great way to let the world know about your sense of humor or your attitude towards life in general. Funny novelty tee shirts can also be great icebreakers between new friends at colleges or schools. Here are some of the funniest and wackiest quotes that you can use for your novelty tee shirts:If you are an avid movie buff or are simply crazy about a particular television show then you can just create a novelty tee shirt based on your interest. For example you just loved the Godfather you can create a great novelty t-shirt based on the movie by using pictures or lines from the movie. T-shirts based on popular television shows like Simpsons, friends or the popular Oprah Winfrey show are also quite popular. Here are some interesting quotes and lines that you can use for your novelty tees:In case you strongly believe in a social cause, then a novelty tee shirt might be the perfect way to spread awareness about that cause. The social cause can be anything starting from awareness about AIDS, fighting poverty, illiteracy, women's empowerment, dyslexia and so on. By sporting a novelty tee shirt that has a social message, you are actually contributing to increasing awareness about that particular social issue. Here are some inspiring quotes that you can include on your novelty tee shirts: