Girl's Punk Hairstyles

Girl's punk hairstyles can be as outre or as subdued as the girl is comfortable with. Because punk is an egalitarian subculture, at least in theory, and because self-expression is a prized value of the culture, both men and women can wear whatever hairstyle they want. Musicians like Kathleen Hanna, Kim Gordon and Debbie Harry, for example, have very mainstream hairstyles; if they weren't famous, you wouldn't pick them out as punk or affiliated with the punk scene. Others, like Penelope Houston (The Avengers) and Soo Catwoman went for a more obviously punk look.
1970s Punk
Early women in punk were mostly confined to a few roles: groupie, girlfriend or lead singer. There were a few all-girl bands, like the Runaways, but most 1970s bands were all-guy or one-girl.
Women who broke the mold included Anya Phillips, a fashion designer and impresario, and Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer and cofounder of the legendary London shop Sex. Westwood often dyed her hair then-unusual colors, like near-white blonde, and bright copper.
Most of the women in the early punk movement had bangs. It's true! Everyone from Patti Smith to Debbie Juvenile to Lydia Lunch to Nancy Spungen had bangs, usually with shoulder-length hair or an early Chelsea cut.
The UK punk scene had more hairstyle heterogeneity. Soo Catwoman comes to mind. So does Jordan. Poly Styrene, the Somalian-English frontwoman of X-Ray Spex, wore her hair in an afro, often with a bow or headband (see the above video).
1980s Punk
Tish and Snooky's Manic Panic Hair Dye, opened in 1977, took off with the punk and goth scenes. Punks started dying their hair every color of the rainbow, sometimes all at once. Women cut their hair short, shaved it off, or spiked it into a Mohawk. Beki Bondage (The Vice Squad) had high-volume, frizzy blue hair with white-blonde bangs.
For other punk girls and women, black hair was the name of the game. Joan Jett, Siouxsie Sioux, Exene Cervenka and Lydia Lunch all had jet-black hair with bangs and layers framing the face. Jett wore hers in a mullet.
In the mid-80s, Kat Bjelland and Courtney Love, who were then about 20 years old, took after Nancy Spungen, by dying their hair platinum blonde and putting it into ringlets. They also started wearing plastic bows and clips in their hair, to accentuate their kinderwhore aesthetic.
1980s punk hairstyles were fairly high maintenance. Big hair, spiky hair, and long hair was in. With the possible exception of skinheads, girl punks paid a lot of attention to their hair.
1990s Punk
As grunge and riot grrrl took off, young women started going for a less theatrical, more natural aspect. Although some women still wore mohawks and multi-colored hairstyles, many reverted to a more natural look.
Performers like Kim Gordon and L7 influenced this more natural punk look, which was hard-edged without being high maintenance. Part of this was short hair, either shaved or with bangs.

Trendy Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyles play a very important role in affecting the look of a person. It can enhance or suppress the looks. God has given privilege to girls to try out the trendiest of hairstyles from the very young age. That is why many moms are enthusiastic of giving the best hairstyle to their daughters. It is enjoyable both for the mothers and their daughters to try new looks. There is just a great feeling seeing how cute they look when styled like a little angel.
There are many cute hairstyles for both young and adolescent girls. Most of the simple styles are suitable for all types of face shapes and facial features. This is because styling the hair of young children is a carefree task where the child or its parent is not fussy or conscious about the new look that will emerge. The purpose is simple and straight, that is to look cute and sweet.
The hairstyles are there for short, medium, and long hair. One needs simple things like colourful pins and bands to create the look. The objective is to give a manageable and neat-looking style to the girls. They are too young to handle complex styles that need patience while styling and a careful attitude while carrying it.
Short Hairstyles
Short hairstyles are ideal for playful kids who don't have to struggle with tangles and untidy hair. They can be set right with few brush strokes and do not fall on the face. Managing them is also less time consuming and requires little patience on the part of the kid. Layers, step-cutting, and bob cuts are few of the examples. They take less shampoo and drying time.
Medium Hairstyles
Medium hairstyles offer the benefit of both short and long hairstyles. They are easy to comb and manage. At the same time, they provide greater scope for trying more styles. One of the simplest styles is a high pony tail tied with a colourful band matching the dress. The look can be carried to school or during outdoor activities.
Long Hairstyles
Long hair holds a strong place in the imagination of young girls enamoured by fairy tale characters. Therefore, as a mom, you can take the challenge of maintaining the long hair of your cute and active girl to make her feel happy for her long tresses. Braids are probably the best option for everyday look. Curls can be done for a party look.

The Best Korean Hairstyles For Girls

The right hairstyle is essential in completing the image of a person. Currently, the incredible variety of hair cutting styles and varying styling methods determine the top choices of Korean hairstyles for girls. There exists a vast selection ensuring that every girl can get a hair style to match her face shape and personal preferences.
Among the factors to consider when going for a style is the personal haircut style, which could be short, medium or long. It is necessary to consider hair texture and the shape of the face. The hairstyle should suit one's facial features. It is also relevant to consider the aspects that a person wants enhanced and which ones to hide.
Trends in the beauty industry have seen more women letting go of their long hair and going for the shorter and sexier spike hair styles. Most women use spikes to spotlight the haircut and add edginess. Observe that spikes are best fitted for square faces, and they are not recommendable for those seeking to reduce the length of their faces. It is also difficult to maintain such styles on fine hair as they require a thick hair texture. These styles enhance key facial features such as eyes and lips.
Anime hairstyles are among the styles that have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. These imitate characters in the anime cartoons, which tend to look great in fabulous clothes, elegant hair designs and really big eyes. These come in various forms, including bob, long layered and extra long designs.
One of the techniques of hairstyling commonly used today is the punk design. This style was considered to be exceedingly darling, so many women did not go for it until recently. It can be implemented on short hair, though it looks more appealing on medium and long hair. It puts more emphasis on the cut rather than the length of the hair.
The emergence of hipster fashion trend has led to the development of matching hipster hairstyles. Tresses are applicable on all lengths of hair, often incorporating colorful methods to flash their forwardness in fashion. This method often goes for unique hairdos and accessories rather than regular mainstream and celebrity trends. The basic concepts involve pairing one's clothing with a brand new attractive short cut, often being bowl-cuts, unclear partings or extremely fixed angles.
There is a variety of cute school hairstyles available to female Korean students. These can be implemented on short, medium and long hair. Short hairs offer limited styling options, including straight, curly, messy and spiky techniques. For medium hair, it is advisable to try loose straight designs, curly loose designs, messy buns, ballerina bun and bob styles. Even more options are available for long hair, the best being half-up/half-down, pinned up, ponytail, braided and scene styles.
Given the wide range of Korean hairstyles for girls, a room for diversity is provided. It is possible to go for a different hairstyle anytime someone feels like. Take note that remarkably few styling options are available for short hair while they are virtually endless for long hair. However, the latter require more styling time in comparison to the earlier. Consequently, middle length hair is the most preferred, because it is more versatile than shorter hair yet requires lesser maintenance than long styles.