The Pros And Cons Explained For Better Enhancement - Make Your Own Penis Extender At Home

If you are looking to make your own penis extender you have come to the right place. Here is a guide to whether or not you should build your own stretcher at home.
You have probably seen the prices of some readymade extenders and have decided you want to make your own from scratch. Although that may sound appealing to you here are three reasons why it is not recommended that you make your own penis extender:
1. You must where a penis stretcher device for 6 to 8 hours a day for at least three months. In order to do that it must be comfortable. If it is not you will not wear it and you could actually cause yourself injury. A quality penis extender device has many built-in features especially for your comfort. As you can imagine, how you actually attach the extent device to your penis is a very gentle and delicate task. A band or loop will not pull off the job. If it is not correctly calibrated you will actually end up cutting off circulation to your penis and damage it. Alternatively, the band can sleep which will not give you the results that you are after.
2. Another important consideration is the sturdiness of the traction device. It does look very simple when you see pictures of it, however, there have to be specially formulated adjustable rods at both sides, there has to be an attachment loop for the head of the penis, and also a comfortable place to rest against your body. If any of these three things are not fastened properly the whole device can actually collapse which can lead to the most embarrassing situation, as you can imagine.
3. When you make your own penis extender at home chances are that you will adjust it far too quickly. With a quality penis extender there is a set schedule of adjustment that increases as your penis size increases - but at a rate has already been proven by science to be safe. When you build one yourself you will not get a sure jewel which means you'll be on your own. This can lead to permanent penis damage and erectile dysfunction which obviously is not something you want.
Number one - more intense orgasms.
Number two - faster erections.
Number three - longer lasting erections.
Number four - an increase in semen volume.
Number five - nine more embarrassing premature ejaculation.
Number six - being able to have sex a number of times on the one occasion.
Surveys conducted by women have shined that not only is penis size important but also is your ability to last longer in bed and to give the sexual satisfaction that she desires. Now that you are fully aware