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First, analyze your facial shape. Pull back all your hair from the face and see if its round, square, oval or heart shaped. Look online for the basic shapes if you want a clearer picture. This would help you to identify your own, after comparison. When it comes to very short haircuts, you may not want to take any chances, so drop in at the local salon and use their imaging services to know how you would appear in various looks. The short haircut styles may reveal certain things about your face that you may not be comfortable about. It also gives one the feeling of being exposed, although this varies from person to person. If your face tends to be heavier on the jaw line, you should preferably avoid short haircuts that may add to the bulk of the area. Hair Type or Hair Texture:Know your hair type before you go in for short hairstyles. It could be curly, straight, wavy or bushy.

The kind of short haircut you decide should be easy to maintain. This is because the hair type has to gel well with the cut. For example, a short blunt cut would look really fabulous for straight and sleek hair. It will need no additional touches for it to be maintained on a daily basis. For wavy and thick hair, one can have lot of layers that will make it appear smoother. Lets face it, a pixie cut may look good on the pictures that are splashed on the advertisements, but it definitely doesn't mean that it would always look great on you. Hair Products For Short Hair:Even though you have found the perfect, cute, short haircut, it won't take time to get messed up if you use the wrong kind of products. Female short hairstyles also need maintenance albeit not in a way that is required for long hair. A good conditioner, mousse, gel, sprays etc all help in creating the perfect look. So, go for in reputed brands when you make that purchase. Consult your hairstylist and know which products suit your short haircut. Look for herbal ones if you wish to avoid the harsh chemicals that may be found in most products today. Hair Color:Know your skin color before you opt to change the hair color. You may want to add some colored streaks for your short haircut, but it can turn to be a disaster if it does not blend with the skin. Colors can really help to enhance the hairstyle and help your very short haircuts look ultra glam, if done professionally. Make up:This is an important factor to consider for short hairstyle cuts. Very short haircuts bring more attention to your face. So, decide upon which are your best features and play upon them. If it's the eyes, enhance them with good eye make up. If it's your lips, you can enhance them with a good lip color. Female short hairstyles look good with when combined with accessories. Long earrings or studs, chokers, chains, attractive pendants all help to bring the attention to the neck. A look through the malls would reveal a variety of options that you can use to decorate your short haircuts. Add some glitz to your hair locks with some trendy accessories. If you want to look voguish, and also do not want to pay much attention to frequent hair care and maintenance, funky short hairstyles are the best alternative. These funky short hairstyles are not appropriate for everyone. They are largely worn by teenagers and youngsters who prefer to give their faces a punk-like appearance. Be it funky short hairstyles for men or women, the hairdos completely depend on your taste of hair color, patterns, and layers. Let us discuss about some good funky short haircuts for women and men.A short Mohawk is a haircut in which the sides are trimmed, just leaving a line of hair in the center, which is spiked up. Generally, this hairdo will look good only if you apply color to the standing hair. If you do not want to cut the sides of the hair, just for the sake of making a different short hairstyle the next day, you can wear a faux Mohawk. In a faux Mohawk, there is no need to trim down the sides of the hair. You can simply create a fake Mohawk by spiking the hair which are on the top of the head.Mullet Plus Mohawk  A blend of a mullet and a typical short Mohawk is also another good funky short hairstyle. A mullet consists of cutting the front hair short and letting the back hair be long and relaxed. Spiking the hair on the top in one line will give you a combination of a short Mohawk and a mullet. Coloring the hair after doing this funky hairstyle will really give a punk look.Shag Haircuts A shag can be a very good short haircut with a funky appearance. In this hairdo, short hair is patterned in a somewhat rough manner and made on the head to create a shaggy look. This haircut is most suitable for men who do not want to care much about hair maintenance, yet wear a stylish hairstyle.
When it comes to funky short hairstyles for older women, a pixie cut or any similar short hairdo will be most suitable. Such haircuts do not require additional hair care which is normally avoided by older women. The above mentioned haircuts are just a few of the most popular funky short hairstyles. There are many more hairdos with different patterns and styles which can be worn to look funky.

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