Flower Girl Hairstyles

Pretty flower girl hairstyles have always been a girl's ambition and using flowers as decoration is a great way to improve any style. Flowers are a girl's best friend and there is no girl on the planet who says no to them. They are popular hair accessories and are woven into various shapes and are worn on the hair. In the olden days, flowers were used to weave tiaras and they were worn by the brides in weddings, Halloween and spring days.
In past days, girls used natural flowers for the tiaras and they had the natural essence and smelled wonderful. But now artificial flowers are being used to increase the longevity of the flower tiaras and also to make them look bright. People who have beautiful gardens at home can make various types of tiaras with flowers and their creativity will not have bounds. Though natural wedding tiaras are fresh and appealing, women prefer wearing artificial ones because they are light in weight.

How They Are Worn
These flower tiaras are worn according to various wedding girl hairstyles and they can be changed from time to time. They are also strongly influenced by the flower girl dresses being worn today. Women with long flowing hair usually wear circular tiaras that go round the head and they almost look like halos. They look very beautiful and they enhance the look of the hair. Some women like to sport short hair and brides too sometimes shorten their hair for their weddings. All those brides can make small wedding tiaras in the shape of a semi-circle with just one or two flowers. The tiaras can also be woven with small leaves and that will make them look very natural. There might be instances when young girls cannot carry heavy flower tiaras and their head and neck cannot carry the weight. In that case, tiaras can be made with a single light weighted flower. That will serve the purpose and will not have any strain on the wearer. If it is a small tiara the flowers can also be attached to the flower girl baskets. This way she can carry them and still look beautiful.
Wedding tiaras are sometimes embedded with gold or silver flowers and leaves. It is a combination of natural and metal flowers. Such tiaras can be costly and people cannot afford them. Pearls and semi-precious stones too are used but if you want to retain the natural look of the flowers then you can just use the flowers. Tiaras need to be looked after carefully until you are done with them. Flowers might wither away and they might look shriveled. Keep spraying them with water and store them in cool and dark places if you want them to last longer. When spaying them take them off if you are spraying your flower girl hairstyles with any hair product. this could damage the flowers and shrivel them up.
Flower arrangements can also be integrated into the flower girl dresses either pinned on or woven in.
Having the perfect flower girl hairstyles on the wedding day is important to set the scene when walking down the aisle!
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