Dress Up Emo Games

The emo fashion trend, which typically features vintage clothing and tight jeans, often in black with splashes of colors such as pink, has become popular with many teenagers in the United States and United Kingdom. Software developers have incorporated this trend into dress up games, a genre of web browser game in which players choose clothing and accessories for a cartoon model.

Generic Emo

Some dress-up games are simple in nature, and allow players to get creative on a cartoon model using staple emo fashion clothes. "Emo Kid" allows players to select the jeans, shirt and shoes of a female cartoon teenager, alongside accessories such as shoes, belts and handbags. A range of hairstyles can also be picked. "Sweet Emo Style" offers a similar wardrobe to "Emo Kid", but also allows players to adjust the model's hair, eyeliner and even the game background using the options at the bottom of the screen.


A few dress-up emo games feature more than one model or allow players to compare the emo style with other fashion trends. "Emo and Punk," for example, features two models on screen at once, with a stereotypical emo and punk wardrobe available to each model respectively. In "Emo Couple Dress-Up," players first dress a female model, before moving on to a male cartoon. Options are more limited than in other titles in terms of clothing; however, this game contains detailed t-shirt designs.

Specific Seasons

Many games deal with emo fashion as a whole, but some are narrower in their outlook. "Emo Winter Fashion," for instance, tasks players with dressing a female model with clothes generally intended for the chilly winter months. The player can choose from options such as hooded jackets, winter boots and jumpers, but strangely enough, ripped jeans and high heels are also featured.


Not all emo dress-up games are based around clothing human models. The "Emo Gingerbread Man" game lets players do exactly what is described in the title: create an outfit for a humanoid made entirely of gingerbread. Clothing options include skull-adorned t-shirts and denim shorts, while the gingerbread creation can also be equipped with mp3 players and a range of funky haircuts.


While many dress-up emo games have a few make-up options included alongside clothing choices, a few games emphasize the make-up part of the process. "Emo Guy Models" features a cabinet full of varieties of make-up; after clicking on the level of the cabinet they want to access, players choose the individual item, for instance blusher, to see a menu of options. "Emo Makeuo" depicts a female model looking upwards, and players can adjust the girl's hair, eyebrows and even her eye color by dragging items from the left to the appropriate position on the model.