Do You Want to Be Emo? Learn These Tips to Have Short Emo Hair

Bring out that emo, bring out that color, bring out that emotion and bring out that short emo hair cut. There is so much to say about this very popular emo scene. Seriously, it's growing and the possibilities are never ending.

We are continuing to see new haircuts that we have never seen before. Where exactly did it come from? There can be different answers to this, but right now, we would like to focus on that cute, new emo haircut that you want so much.

Emo stands for emotional and it is the base for those unique hairstyles. The hairstyle should reflect the personality of the wearer. Emo hairstyles have been associated with the punk hair styles as well as those music artists from the 1980's.

The emo hairstyle is going to vary from person to person. A style that is worn by one individual may be the ultimate emo look for them, but when it is worn by another individual, it is considered either punk or goth.

However, technically speaking emo hairstyles have certain characteristics that are the same.

Many of those emo styles have bangs. There is often deep colors such as black, which is generally highlighted with unusual shades such as pink, blue, yellow and purple. As a little hint: When you first get that emo haircut, do not jump into it all at once with the colors and accessories.

First, get the haircut, then a couple weeks later, start wearing cute hair accessories such as small ribbons, spiders or bats. A couple weeks after that, streak your hair with different colors. You see, if you jump into it out of nowhere, you may be labeled as a poser and you do not want that.

You could have bangs swept to the side or straight across the forehead, it's totally up to you.

Once you get your short emo hair, we know you are going to absolutely enjoy it as it's very fun to play around with.

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