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Hey what's that on your face? Oh, gosh, its your beautiful round nose! Now, saying this, might bring a smile flowered by a rosy blush on a girl. However, you may also hurt your ear by hearing, 'Wow, that's not funny!'. So, all funny things to say to a girl might not work out all the time! As I said, some things may appear funny for some and they may also make them fire you. The way you say it also makes a difference. You may even make a usual statement sound funny, but you need to have that kind of vibe in your voice. Let's say, you see a girl (whom you know of course!) and she says 'Hi' to you! You stare at her dress with your eyes wide open and say in a bit louder voice, 'My my, you are looking so B... E... A... Utiful!' Now, that's a compliment for a lovely girl, with a difference! Alright, time to hit on to some more hilarious and funny things to say to a girl.

Jot down the lines or just get the idea!Just like boys, girls are diverse and eclectic, so there is no such set of particular best topics to talk about with a girl. However, there are some really good things to talk about with a girl, which may attract her interest. If you are trying to woo a girl, you need to start the conversation after finding out the topics that interest her personally. You should take help of these topics of interest as a basis of conversation. To determine her subjects of interest, you are required to listen carefully to what she usually speaks about, watch her signals and actions and ask suitable questions about her general life. After finding out what the topics of mutual interest are, there is an increased possibility of hitting it off. Read more on conversation topics.Interesting Things to Talk about with a Girl Hobbies and Interests: Every person has passions and certain interests - things they do during their free time, which give them great pleasure and joy. You can ask a girl about her favorite pastimes and why she likes the said activities so much. She may have many hobbies, but for longer conversations, you need to find out one or some selective prominent hobbies on which she is ready to talk at any moment. It is best if the hobbies she prioritizes first are the same as yours. Read more on interesting topics of conversation.Work Life and Job Assignments: If the girl you intend to woo is working at a place, work life discussion can be a good starting point for conversations. There are numerous things that a girl would like to share about her work life and these discussion topics may include work assignments, rules and regulations, work environment and corporate culture, behavior of the boss or colleagues, work pressure, and similar things like this. You may also ask her where she would have been if she would not have been in this field. You may also ask in what position she would be 5-10 years from now. You can later share your own work life experiences with her. These discussions may lead to a close and healthy relationship over time.Likes and Dislikes: Although most of the likes would be included in the hobbies, however, there may be few things which she normally likes but does not consider as a hobby. You can also talk about the things and aspects she does not like. To go more intense in the conversation, you need to agree on what she speaks. When it comes to likes and dislikes, there are many topics such as colors, sports, political leaders, games, product brands, etc. The likes and dislikes discussion can be a really long one, and so is one of the important dating tips for men.Music, Celebrities, Funniest things ever done, etc.: Like I said before, there are numerous best topics to talk about with a girl. Ask her about the type and genre of music that she listens to, which is her favorite band and artist, if she can play any musical instrument, her music collection and many more things related to the music industry. You may even ask her about her favorites; such as movie stars, celebrities, sportsmen, gadgets, etc. You may also ask her of the funniest things she has ever done, and you can share yours too. Read more on:Things to talk about with your girlfriend over the phone or fun things to talk about with your girlfriend, while on a date are difficult to come up with, after being in a relationship for sometime. With a little effort to your cranium, you can come with things to talk about with your girlfriend while texting or just random list of things to talk about with your girlfriend. Since, you've been in a relationship for quite sometime, think of things to talk about with a girl, which will take things forward, for good. Let's see, what are the myriad options that you can pick from, as quality conversation starters. Let us consider a scenario in which both you and the girl in question happen to know each other and are friends. If, at a certain point of time, you find that there is a change in her behavior towards you (in a good way), i.e. your male brain will start ticking more than usual. You will begin to wonder whether she has started liking you, whether she is interested in dating you, etc. Well, for starters, of course she likes you! Why else would she befriend you in the first place? Sadly, that is the not the type of 'like' that is being questioned here. You need to know whether she 'likes-likes' you, i.e. whether she has started experiencing feelings of affection or romance towards you. Well, the simplest way to find that out would be to walk up to her and ask her! But no guy ever does that, and no guy ever will. So the only option that remains is to watch out for signs, signals, hidden clues and any other thing which might give you the answer that you're looking for. Watch out for her body language.