Long Hairstyles


Beautiful long hair is any poet’s inspiration. In ancient times, beauty was associated with long, voluminous and shiny hair. However, earlier nothing could be experimented with long hair. Braiding and a pony tail was the standard hairstyling options. For formal occasions, open flowing hair and making a bun was a common choice. Gradually, this made women shorten their hair length who wanted to experiment with different looks. Women also trimmed down their long locks as increasing busy schedules left little room for their daily maintenance schedule.

Against all odds, long hair is still cherished by most of the girls these days. Long hair is advantageous over other lengths because one has immense scope to experiment with different styles. One can use curls, curling tongs, pins, ceramic irons, clips, etc.

to get new looks. However, the styling time can range between half hour to one hour. Long hair compliments both ethnic and western look. One can even carry low-necks aesthetically with these long locks. It enhances a woman’s feminineness and makes her look more graceful.

Hairdressers have now come up with creative long styles that require minimal maintenance effort. The ones who are blessed with such beautiful gift of nature try these different styling methods to flaunt their hair and to add extra detail to enhance their look.

There are different hairstyles for all long hair textures, be it straight, wavy, or curly. Moreover, the style that you choose reflects your mood. That is why long hairstyles are divided into two main categories, formal long hairstyles and casual long hairstyles.

Under each category, there are different options for different hair textures.

As the name suggest, formal hairstyles are meant for formal occasions such as business meetings, weddings, organizational dinners, award functions, etc. Such styles make you look suave, elegant and a no-nonsense person. Casual hairstyles can be carried in all non-formal occasions like when visiting a house party, shopping mall, or while going on a vacation. The styles normally involve cut layers and waves in different strokes to give a new appearance.

You can discuss the right look with your hairdresser or else you can refer to hairstyling websites for various hairstyling images. One simply needs to blow-wave the hair and use a normal product for holding the style. In most of the cases, hairdressers cut your hair in a manner that you don’t even have to do anything apart from regular combing.

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