Emo Style of the Past

Initially, the vast majority of emos conformed to a fairly strict fashion statement, at the same time saying that their fashion was one-of-a-kind. The paradox with being unique is always that the more and more individuals that hop on the bus, the far less unique a style turns into. Emos shunned the thinking behind a standardized trend, and in their effort to be unique, developed just that.

Hair was, is, and in all probability always will be a big part of emo fashion. Originally, to be emo you had to color your hair black. Not everyone did it, but it was the thing to do if you were seriously going for the emo style. The emo hair style for dudes usually consisted of flat ironed hair having a side swooping bang that covered one eye. The emo hair style for girls introduced back the concept of big hair but also encompassed the side swooping bang that covered one eye. It is my opinion the best comparison of the feminine hair style would be to that of Elvira.

Giant hair bows were a big time accessory for girls. Eyeliner found its way onto the faces of emo guys and received the affectionate name of guy liner. Once again, not all emo guys adorned guy liner but enough did that it became a reasonably well-known part of the emo fashion statement. Many even went a step farther by wearing eye shadow and other make up products.

Emo males started wearing girls jeans. At the beginning this generated a good deal of dispute that eventually died down whenever retail stores caught on to the trend and brought back skinny jeans. Tightly fitting apparel, as a general rule, was/is a fashion standard for emos.

The fashion style was really vintage looking at first. A great number of emos would go to to thrift shops to go shopping for printed t-shirts and flannels. Thick framed glasses, sweat bands, and messenger bags were also a pretty major thing back then.

Thanks to the emo culture, lip piercing gained in popularity. This has very likely led drastically to the overwhelming expansion of new piercing parlors opening up across the United States. Countless emos got a single lip piercing on either the left or right side of the lip.

Emo fashion has changed a lot in the last ten years. A great many of the fashion trends once connected with being emo no longer exist while some of them have lingered on through time.

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