Customized Hairstyles for Hats

Hat it a good ornament for hair style, even a mediocre hair stlye, matched with a proper headgear, it will makes the overall image sparkling. Right now, I would like to recommend you ten kinds of hats and hair styles which include not only Japenese and Korean style but also fashion elements from European and American fashion week, and let's have a look.

European and American style: this style is rich in "star" elements which will make you elegant and charming with a white wool overcoat and a furry hat. At the same time, use a simple cap-style to decorate the over fashionable short hair, which is undoubtedly low-keyed. You will recognize that it is copy from Jenny in GOSSIP GIRL at the first sight, it is very eye-catching to match nail hat with blond long straight hair. More precisely, this is the scarf hair style. Even the medium-long hair has a kind of effect like covering the face while also presenting the beauty and temperament.

A handsome New Era Hats matching scarf and sunglasses has a cool temperament which is absolutely the most dazzling dressing style in the street.

Such clothes plus middle-long natural hair color can bring a simple & casual feeling, in a bid to perfectly show the fashion and individuality. The golden short hair completely in the DC Shoes Hats, which undoubtedly belongs to the artist's color school, is full of the uncommon dynamic in this winter.

No any charm could be lost by having long curls go with a cute snail hat.

A cute hair style with cute white cashmere hat completely covers the mediocre of black curly hair. Korean long curly hair with a dark cap-style, if the colour of hair can be even lighter, you will get a better result. Princess curly hair, with bud-style knitted wool cap, will turn a person happy and bright. This hair style is full of texture, brown long curly hair with a sky-blue knitted cap, makes the forehead a simple arc, which makes better perfect.

Hippie hat can bring medium curly hair into full play, because the curly degree of this curly hair is relatively small and it will be hard to be out of shape. Neat bang with simple red bull hats, will not squeeze your bang, and the New Era hats will makes you much more pure. Lovely bangs with variation of partial points, so that later in the hat at random caudal equines is extremely cute, it itself is a loose ponytail, looked cute wearing a hat, took off his hat and more cute. The most typical Korean hat and hair style is a low flowery bob, it is the accessory of hat and also the most charming part of hair style.

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