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Scene Hair: How to Scene Your Hair

Scene Hair: How to Do
Though the scene hair trends are ever changing, there are a few norms that get hardly changed for scene hair. How to scene your hair then? Well, if you are a guy then basically all that you need is about 3 inches long hair at the back and about chin-length hair at the front. You should try to make them as funky as possible, by adding faux hawks, spikes and some striking hair colors. Girls should have a lot of layers and chunky highlights. All in all, the key is to make the hair to look EXTREMELY voluminous. They can use cute hair clips, headbands and bows to go with a nice and trendy scene makeup, while guys can use some funky bandannas to get more voguish! Both boys and girls need to use a lot of hair styling products like hair mousse, hair gel, sprays and shampoos.

These products make the hair look more stylish and attractive. More on haircut styles and ideas.

Scene Hair: How to Cut
How to cut scene hair? Well, you can flaunt any haircut as the perfect scene haircut. The only thing is that you need to think totally out of the box. It is all about pulling off whichever haircut that you get, in style and with utmost confident. Today the scenesters tend to hover towards the music industry to get the ideas for the perfect scene hair. Trends of the Indie, pop 80s, metal, new wave, retro classic, etc. are extremely popular these days. As I said, there are no fixed scene hairstyles there. You can try various shaggy hairstyles, asymmetrical blunt hairstyles and incorporate numerous choppy layers in them. You can also try various androgynous hairstyles; because in scene, the trend is to honor both girls and guys equally.

You can also try various wild hairstyles like the unorthodox mohawk hairstyles. These hairstyles are not totally shaved at the sides of the head. Hence, even girls can opt for them. You can get the hair more teased and stacked if you want long scene hairstyles. Loads of choppy layers look actually great with hair of any length. The most voguish scene hairstyle by far, is the shy scene hair cut. Shy hair is nothing but long bangs that conceal one or both the eyes. Shy hair are a real eye catcher, once you style them well. It is important to get a haircut with help of a razor and not the scissors. Always get an angled haircut and try to avoid straight hairstyles, which might look pretty orthodox.

Scene Hair: How to Style
Knowing how to make scene hair is worthless, until you don't know how to style them. Styling is the key to flaunt the scene hair. How to scene your hair after you get a funky scene haircut? If this is the same question in your mind, then my suggestion would be to try some really hep scene hair color ideas. There are a few trademark scene hair colors that you just cannot do without. These colors include jet black, bright shades of red, purple, pink and green, electric blue and green, stark white and platinum or ash blonde are the hot favorites as far as the scene hair is concerned.

It is important for you to make the correct placements of the hair colors. Rather than applying these color all over the scalp, you can try chunky highlights and stunning lowlights. Black is the color with which you shouldn't compromise! You can try jet black hair color underneath and cover it with blonde or any other color. You can also try some bold colored hair extensions if you want, to give yourself more versatility. You can also try tricolor with your scene hair or you can also mix black, brown and blonde and add some interesting hair highlights on the face framing fringes.

Another important thing is to play your scene hair with some really attractive hair accessories. Bright colored and contrast colored accessories like bobby pins, hair clips, funky bows and bright colored or polka dot ribbons. You need to work with a little bit of creativity to style your scene hair. For instance, you can bear black hair with bright green chunky highlights and accessorize them with red or pink ribbons! Basically, it's all up to you. Scene hair is all about being crazy, experimental yet cute. Hence, see to it, that the hairstyle that you do, makes you look cute and really scene, what more!

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