Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles

Many people realize that Jennifer has many assets and her hair is one of them. From Selena to Monster In Law to her new Rebirth album, Jennifer's hairstyles are always on display. With her own perfume and clothing line, her hair has to be absolutely perfect. She has several good hairstyles in Monster In Law alone and dozens more in her other films. Her hairstyles are also flooded in the countless magazine covers and article about the megastar. Her new album cover shows a great hairstyle that will likely displayed more often as she is promoting everything from her movies to her albums to everything else she is part of. If your looking for a hairstyle to copy, there are plenty of resources out there and many hairstyles to keep your hairstyle fresh and new.

Although Jennifer Lopez is not best known for her hair, the Jennifer hairstyles collection does have some very beautiful styles that range from short to long hair length. Of course with all the music videos, award shows, performances, movies, and everywhere else she may appear, Jennifer has to have the best look no matter what hair style she is sporting at the time. Jennifer Lopez hairstyles range from casual to formal and you know all of them are sexy looks. If you have great eyes, pick one of the many Jennifer's hairstyles to bring out your eyes. Her sexy, layered hairstyles are the looks that most women want and that we deem her best looks. With so many options with Jennifer, you can change your hairstyle up as many times as you want.

Jennifer Lopez's hair styles are just some of the many reasons she is such a popular musician. JLo is also famous for her acting talents and her dance moves, and one of the reasons she is so successful with just about everything she does is that people are fascinated with her. She glows when she's in public, she's always wearing the latest fashions, and she always looks fantastic when her hair is done and looking great in any of its many popular hairdos.

JLo Wears a Sedu Style

One of the commonly seen hairstyles Jennifer Lopez wears is aSedu style. A sedu style is one in which the hair looks very straight and silky, and it can be accomplished by using a ceramic-based flat hair iron. JLo often wears her hair this way, and adds sparkly barrettes to hold her hair out of her face, especially during her concerts. She'll often complement the accessories in her hair with matching or coordinating bracelets, necklaces and/or earrings. Many times, all of these accessories are made with what looks like diamonds.

Not a Blonde or a Brunette

Jennifer Lopez' hair styles are neither brunette nor blonde in color, but a nice and flattering shade of light brown that has been accented with a number of lighter highlights. The highlights in her hair are used to draw attention to the outline of her face, and to help brighten her smile. Her highlights are not overly drastic, and the lighter colors used blend well with the color of the rest of her hair.

How to Achieve the JLo Look

Jennifer Lopez has great hair, there's no doubt about it. However, she has been known to wear hair extensions, hair weaves and wigs to enhance the look of her hair. Knowing that she sometimes uses the help of these hair additions, and that she also has professional hairstylists working on her, it's no wonder her hair is the envy of women and girls all over the world.

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However, for anyone wanting to achieve one of Jennifer Lopez's hair styles, the first thing to get rid of is bangs. Although the length of her hair can vary, she never has bangs as part of her normal hairstyle. JLo's hair is also cut with long layers that are created in a balanced and even fashion. Her cut is relatively simple, but the way she styles it can range from basic to complex, depending on the venue in which she is planning to appear.

How Does She Do It?

Jennifer Lopez is a woman with a huge following of fans residing all over the world. Whenever she goes out in public, someone is going to recognize her and probably take a picture of her. Knowing this, JLo does her best to dress in trendy clothing and make sure her hair looks spectacular any time a person might take a picture of her. While it is not known if JLo styles her own hair when she's in the privacy of her own home, it is known that she pays a lot of money to hire a professional hairstylist to make sure she's looking great when she goes out in public.

While some of Jennifer Lopez's hair styles may be created quickly, others may take several hours to accomplish. No matter what, she always looks radiant and she's always going to be the envy of anyone in the midst of a "bad hair day."

Jennifer Lopez has very versatile hair. She can style it to be straight and sexy looking, she can curl it to make her look sweet, and she can wear it in a sophisticated up-do. She's a woman of many different hairstyles, and it's always a guess as to what her hair will look like for any appearance in a movie, a concert, or any other time she's in the public's eye.