Hairstyle Minus Age Secret

To learn minus age, we must first see GHD Hair Style right demonstration. The 34-year-old zhou, in recent years has been walking style of lovely oddity pixie route, a mushroom head is a hair style, and even his hat, never conceal age, nobody will go to have more than 30 zhou. "HuNiu" CaoYing until the claim to be "MaDaJie", but CaoYing hair youdao, black luster of hair is really a good example for us, sometimes in high horsetail, she seems in their early and mid 20s. At the age of 40, hairstyle design is SiQinGeRiLe rock popularity wind, all sorts of color of hair, the hair is neutral saw her on the stage play rock leap, many people are scared her age. The 32-year-old BaoLei, neat bang hair can foil more her watery eyes, and six yi is really quite match. 31 nursery, from her many movies can infer from the nursery indeed, but she is very clever ground covered with hair will face, age also became a mystery. XueJiaNing also had 30! In the two small plait always pierced with numerous jewelry, DHC is not endorse her, please choose the wrong man, now the mushroom head neat bang model is also have girls! DongQing 35 years, CCTV, some are very rare, but she and the other big woman, and maintain proper up-do marcel, did not see any change. The 34-year-old xu, never is short of she knows from those of ripe, hair go paint is intellectual pure students is "route, pretending. It takes time for talented, after all the warriors will love it has 10 years ago.
Trend: 6 refreshing autumn hairstyle
The beginning of autumn arrival, also in a summer hair, maybe we should also look into the autumn. Autumn is always accompanied by hot weather, hair care will become our daily troubles. Early 2009 cho's hairstyle key is relaxed, contracted.
1 the bang that line feels the head above: BOB is the hot autumn 2009, add the line is bang, sleek joint face. In the neck and length is in control. The outline of place of the top of head is mellow and sweet full, a design.
2, the head of the length of outstanding personality bang: bright hair very character. Men Hair on the head, a sudden increase let whole modelling with length of personality. This hairstyle is help remind you of the same like in the hair on the wacky Rihanna?
Three heads, dyeing, while now pick + early90s hot yet restore ancient ways, such as will refund the hairstyle is to restore ancient ways back. "" Although the hairstyle is that restore ancient ways, but we can also learn about the tide of "small mind" -- in bang place use different colors to choose dye, irregular carry catch let a person look more vitality.
Four sides and irregular length hair: now young people everywhere in the tide that will reveal personality is different. Both the length of irregular clipping, break the balance, but it seems more fashionable feeling. Different length of hair in a certain sense also played the role of modified shape defects.
5 and lateral meatball head: food not only belongs to the head of the specific "product" in the summer. In the autumn is a meatball head "revolution". A little change of summer meatball head, will move it left or right, some may seem more sweet person?
6, scroll hair + fishman caps: natural roll hair seems fishman caps as the most suitable similar hat. If the style is not satisfied with how words, can choose a hat as deserve to decorate style of well. Nevertheless, seem to scroll with most tie-in sex hat.

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