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Scene Hair Colors and Styles

As I said, carrying scene hairstyles is all about being funky and trendy. Treat your mane with the best of the haircut styles and ideas first, before implying the hair color ideas on them. Well, here are a few example for scene hair color ideas for girls.

Scene Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair
Get a choppy layered haircut or some of those funky short bob hairstyles. If your hair is curly, then get it straightened, which look more glamorous for scene hairstyles. You can also have a razored haircut before straightening them. Now, dye your hair with really hep colors like bright red, stark white, bright pink, electric blue, bright purple, etc. You can apply the color on all over the head or you can even try some well placed hair highlights and lowlights.

For instance, try black color underneath with ash blond highlights atop. You can keep a few face framing fringes and pin them up with some bow clips or kirby clips. Apply a bit of hair gel and give your hair a real wet look . If you wish, you can also create porcupine spikes on them! More on short haircuts.

Scene Hair Color Ideas for Medium Hair
Get asymmetrical and razored layers, with back combing at the front. If you have curly hair, then think about straightening them. Now, color all the hair with jet black or deep brown color for starters. Now add ash or platinum blonde, radiant pink, fluorescent green or electric blue color streaks. Always refrain from hair gel and go for a good quality hairspray. You should also use any trendy hair accessories like ribbons, clips and beads for styling your scene hairstyle. Always provide your hair with a biweekly hot oil treatment to ensure utmost hair care. You can add a few hair extensions with strikingly bold colors, near the nape, to look unique. More on medium hairstyles.

Scene Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair
If you are looking for scene hairstyles for long hair, then first you need to make sure that you use the best volumizing hairspray, which is designed for your hair (curly or straight). Apply it on your hair when it is wet and set shorter layers on top of the longer ones, with help of a blow dryer. Similar to short and medium length hair, people with long hair must also opt for a razored layered haircut with loads of choppy and asymmetrical layers. Add a few chunky blonde hair highlights with maintaining a significant number of brown and black fringes. Now, accessorize the hair with bobby pins, ribbons and funky bows. More on long hairstyles.

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The idea is to get really weird and crazy hair color ideas. Placement of the hair color is also a key factor. You must place them in such a way, that they look really attractive and unique. For instance, get crazy lowlights with the rare hair colors like a combination of dark blue and light pink or electric blue color all over your head! You can also get hair extensions and if you want a short haircut, then you can also try the Mohawk hairstyles or emo hairstyles, they are pretty popular scene hairstyles even for girls.

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