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Growing up, our family, mostly parents, and friends tend to award us with nicknames. A funny quirk to our names where Melissa becomes Mel or Lisa and Edward becomes Ed or Eddie. There are no rules stating that you can't give people funny nicknames or stir things up a bit. If you wish to give one to your friends, family member, or colleague a new nickname, and hope that it sticks, encourage other people to adopt it as well. And if they sometimes forget to do so, just remind them about it while using that nickname in a sentence. For example:As time flies, everyone will start to catch on the new nickname's trend and use it themselves without you having to remind them. Plus, another major criteria for any nickname to stay on forever is, do not change it. Any changes while giving people funny nicknames can become a fatal error, and who knows, might just be forgotten.

So, let's get on with finding meaningful and cool nicknames for guys and girls.In everyday lives, we generally use nicknames to address our loved ones in an affectionate way. Nicknames can also be used if the names of people are long or complicated. If you are thinking of choosing nicknames for boys, there are no rules and regulations for that, as they are to be used just in your personal relationships. You can be as creative, witty and funny as you want in creating nicknames for guys.Even if there are no rules and conditions for selecting nicknames for boys, you need to keep few simple things in mind. You should choose one that will in no way hurt his feelings and emotions. It is a better idea to keep a nickname that reflects his personality, behavior, and way of thinking. Nicknames for guys can also be chosen considering what are the likes and preferences of the person.You can search the web for cool nicknames for boyfriends, or take the person's name and create a nickname yourself. There are many ways in which you yourself can make nicknames. The best method to do so is to take the full name of the person, and take its initials as a nickname. You can also take some alphabets of the first name and join them with few letters of the last name to create a customized nickname. If the behavior of the person is very loving and sweet, you can call him 'sweets' or 'chocolate'. If he is interested in music, you can simply call him by the name of his favorite band or musician. Whichever name you choose, just make sure that it better suits him and he feels good being called by that name. Following is a list of some good nicknames for boys.Pet names for boys and girls are used to call a person or refer to them in a loving and affectionate way. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to giving pet names to people. The pet names you decide on could be anything, you can even make up your own if you are good at that sort of thing. Pet names for boys can be as humorous and weird as you want, since they are just going to be used in your personal relationships. Using sweet and affectionate nicknames for boyfriends and girlfriends is a very good way to make your bond of love deeper. The following is a list of the most common pet names for boys and girls which can be used in our daily lives.Choosing Pet Names for Boys and Girls The are some simple things that are to be considered if you want personalized pet names for boyfriends or girlfriends. The determining aspects are the person's likes and preferences, nature, behavior, personality, habits, attitude, and many other factors. If your boyfriend is a very rough guy, you can select many pet names for men like 'ruffy', 'tuffy', 'hardy', 'steely', and many other similar names. If he is of a loving and caring nature, you have the option of selecting names such as 'softy', 'baby', 'loverman', 'chocolate', 'icy', 'cotton', and many other similar ones. Likewise, if he is a real music lover, and can play nearly any type of musical instrument, you can name him 'musicman', 'guitar hero', 'soundy', 'drummerboy', etc. In addition, you also have the alternative of choosing multiple pet names, and using each one according to the situation. So in this manner, you can come up with many cute nicknames for boyfriends.Another very important thing is that you should choose names which are a suitable match to the gender. For example, if you name your boyfriend a 'fairy', and if he is big and manly, it would be inappropriate. You need to keep a name according to his personality, nature, and other such determinants. Do not let nicknames for guys sound too feminine. Same goes for giving nicknames for girls, you simply cannot keep names which are harsh or rough to sound. Girls need to be called by delicate and gentle names like lily, rosey, sweets, sugar, honey, etc.

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